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Black Hops Farm, in collaboration with Lucketts Mill & Hopsworks, will feature an initial 5 acre main yard, as well as two roadside hop lanes, consisting of about a half acre each. These yards will service the initial hops supply for James River Distillery's Commonwealth Gin.

Through our roadside hop yard, we hope to entice neighboring growers, as well as invite curious visitors to this one of a kind farm. Constructed and maintained by Organarchy Hops, the all-steel trellis system provides stunning visuals, as well as unbeatable reliability in hop yard conditions.

Management of the fields, once planted in the spring of 2015, will be performed with the latest growing techniques. Black Hops Farm aims to become the Virginia standard for a working, growing, and profitable hop farm.

At Black Hops Farm, we firmly believe that growing, harvesting, and processing hops can be a valuable asset to Virginia's economy, as well as individual farmers, both locally and in the surrounding region.

It's no secret that hops already feel at home in Virginia with compatible climate, soil, landscape, and an ever-growing demand from local home brewers and farm breweries. With this trend knocking on the door, Black Hops Farm will tap this ideal setting and increasing demand by bringing Virginia to the front of the line in East Coast hop processing.

The single greatest limiting sales factor for the hop farmer is the ability to sustain the quality of the hops past the harvest season. The addition of a state-of-the-art hops processing facility will be beneficial for Virginia and the area's hop farmers in many ways.

Foremost among these, bringing a hops drying and pelletizing facility to the backyard of rural Lucketts provides farmers within an hour's distance, in any direction, the resources they need to take their hops growing from a hobby to a sustainable business. This not only offers farmers a way to ensure the richness and preservation of their hops, it will also provide an incentive to grow more volume and varieties of hops.

In addition, Black Hops Farm aims to ensure the state of Virginia benefits economically from the hops processing facility, rather than neighboring states. The popularity of home brewing and farm breweries is on the rise and with the increase in demand for locally-grown ingredients, Virginia stands to benefit by not only providing quality local hops, but also quality local hops that are preserved for use all year round. This is an asset that can set Virginia above the rest in the East Coast hops market.

What's more, the processing facility provides a local platform for tourism, industry growth, and employment that may have otherwise been located elsewhere. The availability of quality processed, pelletized hops in a neighboring community builds demand, attracting not only hop growers but also brewers.

We all know Virginia is for Lovers but with the help of Black Hops Farm, we hope to make Virginia for Hop Lovers.

Our Team

Solomon Rose

Solomon Rose is the acting owner and founder of Organarchy Hops. Organarchy specializes in hop field management and construction, as well as running Maryland's first USDA certified Hop Farm, totaling 14 acres under trellis. Organarchy has been on the forefront of organic hops production in the mid atlantic area since 2012.

Solomon was previously a rancher and hunting guide in Idaho and Texas where he developed a deep love for the land that he has channeled into his farm and projects today. With deep roots in Allegany County, MD, where he was born and raised until his teens, Solomon is looking forward to working hand in hand with Virginia to promote and expand the Hop business in the state.

Dylan Krzywonski

Dylan Krzywonski is the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Organarchy Hops. Dylan combines over a decade of experience in small business operations with a strong background in sales and marketing. Since 2012, he has overseen general operations, sales, marketing and accounting for Organarchy Hops.

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